The pride of our current fleet, a real Challenger Private Jet. Manufactured from the 1980’s until just a few years ago, it’s a very popular 11 seat VIP jet with over 1,600 in service worldwide. Although primarily a super luxurious Private Jet it has also been used by the military as a VIP transport or on coast guard duties.

Our example is unique, it actually comes apart so we can road transport it to backlot or Studio! This can offer a larger Production some real shoot efficiencies. Regardless of where, it looks fantastic.

Outside, well it had a total repaint summer 2017 so its looking factory fresh. We’ve kept it plain white so you can add whatever detail you might like in terms of logos etc. The exterior lights all work which really brings it to life when sitting on the tarmac.

Inside it’s a modern layout; 4 club armchairs to the front then a “dining 4″ opposite a 3 seat sofa to the rear. To the front is a galley, to the rear a toilet leading to a large baggage area. It’s a proper 6’2” stand up cabin, none of this crawling around stooped over as is typical with the smaller jets. The interior is all lit with camera tested LED / RGB lighting and all of the seats float out as well as the front cabin wall to make space for crew / camera.

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Incredible weather going through... #ukfilm #filmproduction #avgeek #AvGeek #avgeeks #c130

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