We simply love taking the idea on your page and turning it into reality! From the initial brief we can come up with several options that are correct for period and role and board them up for you to choose from.

– If the aircraft is right but the scheme isn’t then we can deal with that.

– We can work with your First to help plan the shoot day. Some aircraft take a while to start and warm up. Others overheat if you run them on the ground too much. How many starts do you get before the battery goes flat? We know these things.

– We can work with your Locations Dept to help find a suitable airport. We can recce that field and tell you if that chopper can land there or not.

Now this is the serious bit. As the saying goes “sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know”. The legalities of aircraft operation are extremely complex; what aircraft can do what, in what weather, with or without passengers. No amount of enthusiasm from an owner or operator can counter the raw legalities of it.

We need to keep Production safe. We need to keep Production legal.

The main issue we see is when Production want to put talent or crew in an aircraft that isn’t legally allowed to carry paying passengers. In aviation world, aircraft have different types of “MOT” and a pilot isn’t just a pilot, there are many different tiers of qualification. Quite rightly, the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) want to keep passengers safe so anything used commercially must fit the highest standards in aircraft manufacture, lifetime maintenance and crew training. All managed by a company that know the rules and enforce them. That vintage or weird aircraft you’re dreaming of, owned by the enthusiastic flying club member, might not qualify and you risk being seduced into an illegal flight.

There are work arounds, but there are NO shortcuts. We’ve likely been there before and can advise accordingly. Take a look at our flying aircraft page and the aircraft we’ve flown before. You’ll see the odd mannequin floating about here and there, and for good reason. We’ll make sure you’re legal and safe, not least of all because I expect to be signing off the RAMS! I can’t stress how seriously we take this, our current body count is zero and we fully intend to keep it that way.

Feel free to give us a call if you’d like to discuss what you’re planning.

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Twin Squirrel in the workshop. Has to match a flying example so we have a complete new interior going in and a new instrument panel. Structural additions will mean it can dangle from a crane and gimbal mount. 3 weeks ‘til curtain up! #as355 #ukfilm #filmproduction https://t.co/ftaDwkBSRx

1st March 2021

(Icy)blast from the past. Ju-52 HB-HOP, en-route Budapest for “The Crown”. Broadsword calling Danny boy? #filmproduction #ju52 #TheCrown https://t.co/tK5uoS6tYb

23rd February 2021

(Sand)blast from the past, Namibian desert, 3 ship head off to shoot for “The Mummy”.. #filmproduction #bell212 #Namibia https://t.co/iPxZ92PI0n

22nd February 2021

JetRanger foolery continues. Very close to paint.. #bell206 #jetranger #airfix https://t.co/stALA3c0ZF

18th February 2021

A three shoot day. Full length A321 being built at the studio, Challenger Jet in action at home base and our Mini Airliner trailer set in Central London for a commercial.. #ukfilm #aviationsets #airlinerfilmset #privatejetfilming https://t.co/G2C9tjUtqT

15th February 2021

Bit of Prestwick landing action.. #ukfilm #challenger604 #prestwick https://t.co/ul7np5emNV

12th February 2021

Having not flown in a “proper” aircraft for nearly a year, I’m getting back in the game in some style! Off to filming we go... #ukfilm #challenger604 https://t.co/7oDZu563Sr

10th February 2021

Bit of night action with our desert Tonka and a desert Landy.... in the snow. #phoneVFX #ukfilm #tonka #tornado https://t.co/lHxnY9qQeJ

8th February 2021

From this to this in 7 hours. Well done lads! Bespoke modular airliner sets delivered to your door! Quick build, easy shoot, quick strike, saving you money and precious studio space! #airlinefilmset #ukfilm #filmproduction #airlinerset https://t.co/3EMEAnQBpU

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