We’ll produce all your aviation specific Risk Assessments and Method Statements. In addition we can provide safety pages to append to your daily call sheets which will back up a full crew safety brief on the day.

On a busy set we can allocate safety marshals to keep a watching eye over the crew and jump in at the first sign of someone getting themselves into a dangerous situation.

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Discover the Shoot Aviation Ops’ Rooms at White Waltham Aerodrome - our authentic WW2 offices - available for you and your crew.

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Shoot Aviation are in the Ops Room at White Waltham Aerodrome, just 25 miles west of London, UK

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6 hours flying. Bit of a fog related weather diversion. Bit of thunderstorm dodging plus a small technical issue but the end of the magenta line is in sight.. https://t.co/tNLqjQ4Mxi

about 12 hours ago

Quite the sunset... https://t.co/s3hQ5JtAiv

about 13 hours ago

My 10,000ft tall office for the next 5 hours... https://t.co/qg1aIjYuBk

about 19 hours ago

We’ve been shooting this beauty two days this week. If you need a B17 cockpit for filming then give us a call.. https://shootaviation.com/sets-and-mockups/cockpit-mockups/b17-flying-fortress-ww2-bomber-cockpit/ https://t.co/OYVZYN5LvT

12th October 2018

What was all the rage a few decades ago looks pretty dated today.. #FlashbackFriday https://t.co/4tOXEFIkVS

12th October 2018

These low cost carriers and their crazy ideas... https://t.co/OoawJCo0Z2

8th October 2018

Something big is going down... then up again, then down again. https://t.co/1xFt0pBxOE

6th October 2018

If you need to shoot a Private Jet then look no further! A stunning mobile exterior and a choice of 4 interior studio sets. All fantastic quality, lit and mobile! #privatejet #ukfilming https://t.co/gXkNXpA0qi

4th October 2018

Been a busy day at our Waltham base with 3 crews shooting 4 aircraft. G-BUCH is an absolute beauty... https://t.co/jfFEj03WrA

1st October 2018

So it’s the 1st October and summer has officially gone. Hopefully a few more of these crystal clear, blue sky, autumn days to come.. #bestflyingdays https://t.co/Pqf6R5tKee

1st October 2018

One of our long haul airliner sets on the excellent BBC #TheCry. Studio based, ground level for an easy exterior light, camera tested interior lighting, floating wall and ceiling sections and a completely shootable toilet cubicle. Making the difficult easy! https://t.co/11RfINCMRV

30th September 2018

So many exciting things going on in the hangar currently. Our most pressing project, is not only rather challenging, but rather large and rather supersonic! #working7days https://t.co/C9goPNZLIB

22nd September 2018

Filming on/in/around Airliners. The most common request we receive is that of a production wishing to film inside an airliner. Be that…

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Published 03.01.2012 by simon

It's often the case that a production will wish to change the appearance of an aircraft to be used in…

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Published 17.09.2011 by simon