Cessna 182 Cockpit – Light Single Engine Aircraft

The iconic light aircraft, 4 seat touring / training aircraft. Manufactured by Cessna from the 1960’s until present day. We have ours configured as an older example (1980’s – early 2000). The front screen floats for camera as do both the doors. The controls all move as they should. It’s attached to a frame to allow gimbal mount.

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Sir Robert tests out the newly arrived Shoot Aviation hack! #md500 #exciting https://t.co/eG6cWF6zsS

about 23 hours ago

Away from ww2 and a first proper coat of paint for the 1:1 Airfix JetRanger. Not a bad start! #jetranger #bell206 #airfix https://t.co/seXp5et6RV

19th April 2021

RT @maz_jovanovich: Certainly not ideal, but if you have to crash, this is about as good as it gets. Kudos to the pilot on a textbook ditch…

18th April 2021

The building he’d change in is now our office! https://twitter.com/RoyalFamily/status/1382742048168685571 https://t.co/yW4GYnHUTu

16th April 2021

RT @RoyalFamily: The Duke learned to fly with @RoyalAirForce at White Waltham and gained his RAF Wings in 1953, his helicopter wings with t…

16th April 2021

The morning after the night before... #ukfilm #me109 #nightshoots #messerschmitt https://t.co/meuxPDw5xr

16th April 2021

Today we’re a 24 hr, 3 film, 5 aircraft type, 3 decade business! First up a 1990’s airliner followed by military freighter. Off to the 1970’s with a twin Cessna this evening and then the rest of the night back in WW2! #ukfilm #cessna #messerschmitt #boeing https://t.co/cmA5PXiaUs

14th April 2021

In the workshop our Boeing Airliner Cockpit begins a refurb.. #airlinercockpit #ukfilm #boeingcockpit #airlinerfilming https://t.co/wjPYVpUOLh

14th April 2021

Pushing for the finish line... https://t.co/y2d1mxW8ic

13th April 2021

Look stunning, really happy with how they’ve come out. Well done paint team! #ukfilm #me109 https://t.co/VnH75HJbIM

12th April 2021

If not in, leave with a neighbour... ✅ #me109 #ukfilm https://t.co/bSv33n1Nn3

12th April 2021

Loving the change! #me108 https://t.co/AvgyRqM2iR

12th April 2021

Filming on/in/around Airliners. The most common request we receive is that of a production wishing to film inside an airliner. Be that…

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Published 03.01.2012 by simon

It's often the case that a production will wish to change the appearance of an aircraft to be used in…

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Published 17.09.2011 by simon