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Shoot Aviation are in the Ops Room at White Waltham Aerodrome, just 25 miles west of London, UK

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Not sure I’ve seen 188mph ground speed in a heli before! Thanks Guy for the Gazelle ride to collect the new Shoot Aviation hack, 76mph home was a little depressing.. #gazelle #jetranger https://t.co/baA8zEfCI9

7th January 2022

First day back at school and we hit the ground running. Our MD600 and Huey both painted black and off to the studio.. #helicopterfilming #huey #md600 #ukfilm https://t.co/dI54DBcn1W

4th January 2022

RT @PinedaLuca: Tanks, that’s what we fly. Love my Gulfstream. https://t.co/uSKYhPDaNe

20th December 2021

So this should very likely be regarded as “a bad day at work” for the Manitou driver.. #challengerjet #ukfilm https://t.co/vDuSueDy3Z

17th December 2021

Trip to Leeds to recce a helicopter for an upcoming movie. Distracted by a very odd looking Gulfstream on the ramp.. Thanks to Cpt Adam for being taxi driver on one of those lovely winter flying days!! https://t.co/aoYVDT5foM

16th December 2021

RT @Birdseed501: Legendary BA VC10 flypast at the Queen’s Silver Jubilee Air Pageant at White Waltham, 14-15 May 1977. The aircraft was ret…

3rd December 2021

Shooting today on our…Christ knows what… Ssssh but interior actually looks remarkably like a CH-53 Sea Stallion! #ukfilm https://t.co/7heu4PiLHM

30th November 2021

Airbus cockpit doing its thing… https://t.co/LaMRplaQCK

25th November 2021

Five set shoot day! Gulfstream and Nord both on stages in UK. Crew on our Challenger out in the cold. Widebody set on stage in Brussels, and another widebody set shooting in LA. Might be a record for us.. https://t.co/7sHa3aBoa2

25th November 2021

In other news, the company hacks are on the move. Its hello to G-OTME in a new paint scheme. Sad goodbye to MD500 G-HEWZ. She’s been replaced with a trusty Jetty (G-IBIG) due in a couple of weeks. A little less speed but more space and range. At least we can paint her like… https://t.co/9mDfMHO04G

22nd November 2021

At the studio our widebody film set takes shape. Configured into business and economy with galley sections between. Includes a full cockpit. Two day build, one day strike. All lit and ready to shoot! #airlinerfilmset #ukfilm https://t.co/82ABpkzZrp

22nd November 2021

Our Gulfstream fuselage off to the studio.. #gulfstream #gulfstreamfilmset #privatejet #ukfilm https://t.co/glIi75wCYq

22nd November 2021

Filming on/in/around Airliners. The most common request we receive is that of a production wishing to film inside an airliner. Be that…

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Published 03.01.2012 by simon

It's often the case that a production will wish to change the appearance of an aircraft to be used in…

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Published 17.09.2011 by simon