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Can you guess where we’re headed? Quite a site, downtown Manchester. Looked like a postage stamp from above then when you’re in you wonder what the fuss was about.. #ukfilm #agusta109 #filmproduction #confinedarea #avgeeks #helicopter https://t.co/2DMiuN5hHX

26th November 2020

A remote control, electric Piper Navajo! We built this for a Feature Film. Had to be safe as a dog was driving, knocking down boxes and chasing some bloke. Same old same old.. #ukfilm #pipernavajo #filmproduction #actionvehicle #AvGeek https://t.co/KB6y3QnKc4

24th November 2020

Perfectly executed single engine DME arc to minimums for his CPL IR. Like so many, currently furloughed and having to do security work to make ends meet. #ukfilm #dogsoftwitter #aviationlovers https://t.co/hemdjYWaIC

24th November 2020

None of that silly “taxi via blah to holding point blah” nonsense.. #whenyougottago #ukfilm #stampe https://t.co/FRCRLA775R

24th November 2020

3 years ago today, some brave stunt work on Hurricane.. #ukfilm #hurricane #hawker #donttrythisathome #AvGeek https://t.co/U3EVv86PFA

21st November 2020

Filming on/in/around Airliners. The most common request we receive is that of a production wishing to film inside an airliner. Be that…

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Published 03.01.2012 by simon

It's often the case that a production will wish to change the appearance of an aircraft to be used in…

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Published 17.09.2011 by simon