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RT @CcibChris: From the V Force low level days… https://t.co/t0Di97V8DL

28th July 2021

Back in the hangar with the Cessna, films brief was to “make it like a two year old aircraft..”. So,new paint, new glass, new interior, new wheels & tyres and and.. Best 150 in the UK? A bit like bragging you have the best Austin Allegro in the country? #unkind #cessna150 https://t.co/ighrlEtp5E

26th July 2021

A welcome break from the working day, Mr Chinook has come to play… @ChinookDisplay @JTChinook #chinook https://t.co/CXhYzMk843

26th July 2021

Seeing we’re in the middle of all things small Cessna. Apparently this one stalls at 430knts, vicious break with left wing drop.. https://t.co/a1MmFwuvuV

22nd July 2021

Hawaii? Na, sarf coast England mate… #md500 https://t.co/2pfI2EK7dO

16th July 2021

It’s all a bit Noah’s Ark, after the two SeaKings we now have two Cessna 150s in the shop. Need a flying one and one to go on a gimbal in the studio. Both matching one used in a previous film! #cessna150 #ukfilm https://t.co/P2zOY6puAd

12th July 2021

Hello @WBSLeavesden, you’re looking like a busy bunch.. #ukfilm https://t.co/mPCXTifcpI

8th July 2021

What a transformation in just 8 working days! Well done Pete for your superhuman effort and project management! Off to the studio it goes.. #proud #seaking #filmset #ukfilm #filmproduction #gimbalready https://t.co/X1LyMZ75e1

1st July 2021

When your take offs are so smooth you swear the video must be in slow motion! It’s real time and what’s worse, it’s not me flying! #hughes500 #h369 #helicopterflying https://t.co/FpNydTbkL0

1st July 2021

Work on the SeaKing has been frantic but she finally got her coat of paint today. Just about on schedule but the devil is in the detail (cockpit)! G-BIFY has regressed back to plain white and looks great. She’ll get her new scheme next week.. #seaking #cessna150 #ukfilm https://t.co/ogWyye4yDC

25th June 2021

G-BIFY loses her paint ready for a new scheme. She has quite the film role coming up! #ukfilm #cessna150 https://t.co/Gmr0XSv8s6

22nd June 2021

Filming on/in/around Airliners. The most common request we receive is that of a production wishing to film inside an airliner. Be that…

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It's often the case that a production will wish to change the appearance of an aircraft to be used in…

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