Often we’ll be asked to change the look of an aircraft. It’s a simple job yet the opportunity for error is enormous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The little video says it all really, but scroll down to have a look at some of the transformations we’ve made. If you’d like to know more then please read our Temporary Aircraft Paint blog article or get in touch.

Cessna 182 Amphibian
Taken from its rather distinctive usual colours into a more conformist red scheme for a commercial.

Sikorsky S-58 (Westland Wessex)
Helicopter flown in from Germany for “Man from UNCLE”. Transformed into a Royal Navy Wessex. Owner was a little nervous so as a small confidence boost we offered to paint one of our cars to match.

Hawker Hurricane
Not as dramatic a change as some but showcases well our ability to blend in with an existing scheme meaning we only need to paint a small area. This beautiful Hurricane, 10 flying hours out of a £2m restoration, required a squadron marking change for a feature film role.

Lockheed C-130 Hercules
OK so a bit of a whopper. An all over white aircraft taken into USAF scheme, all done in the rather scenic Namibian desert for Tom Cruise “Mummy”.

Extra 300
Very high performance competition aerobatic aircraft. It has a yellow scheme but the production wanted something a little more evil looking.

Avro 504
A little change of sides for this British WW1 aircraft. Added some camo and decals to make it German for “Wonder Woman”. For those in the know then, yes, the paint does work on fabric aircraft too..

Shorts Skyvan
Civilian parachute aircraft that needed to go a bit special ops for the first “Kingsman” movie.

Piper Navajo
A fairly conformist “white with a stripe” aircraft taken to something a little more distinctive for “Show Dogs”

Dassault Flamant
A bit of a bomber make over. From silver to all over olive drab, lose the side windows, add markings and some chroma key to the nose to help out VFX. Also added some weathering. We painted 5 of them in Belgium over a 4 day period.

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Phew... https://t.co/LPRX3LBqxS

about 10 hours ago

It’s lonely out in space... https://t.co/I9M7S0Bx2O

about 10 hours ago

74 year old single engine Messerschmitt, quite a bit of water ahead, climbing to 9,500ft to try and keep our tootsies dry. https://t.co/BBXyBeela3

about 10 hours ago

Love a good paint job... https://t.co/xYafTALLv8

5th June 2018

Anyway, forget the plane, go and see this jolly little fella. A ChowChow pup with a paint job. Very cool.. https://t.co/60ZyjeqdNE

1st June 2018

Yeah so this happened in the studio, then he drove it around the set. I’m going to go out on a limb and claim its the worlds first ever electric Piper Navajo with dog friendly controls.. #ShowDogsMovie https://t.co/sZBYm1qYQg

1st June 2018

Welcome to our new Business Class! Yet another fantastic standing set; camera tested lighting, floating walls, ceilings and seats for camera / lighting. All built on the deck for an easy exterior light!! https://t.co/BwLLKb3HdV

31st May 2018

We can also help you dress a terminal! #airportdressing https://t.co/sQPx6amRrn

31st May 2018

Some lucky Star Wars fans got to feel a little zero “G” today. A total no show from any TIE fighters, suspect Lord Vader hasn’t approved their 8.33 kHz radio upgrades.. #SoloMovie https://t.co/II1dq7ONik

23rd May 2018

“Johnny English Strikes Again” with a sexy Gazelle helicopter. Includes placement into a rather challenging spot, more later! #JohnnyEnglish https://t.co/BCAiXvWQEY

21st May 2018

Cruise, Pitt, Clooney.. whatevs. Sometimes you know when you’re working on something truly great.. #LoveIsland https://twitter.com/loveisland/status/992516719842332680

5th May 2018

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